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Have good milkshake s

The milkshakes go great with your burgers!@.

Can we order by phone, or do we order there at the restaurant?

Yes you can also order by phone.

Is this place ever open??? It says it's open on its website, but driving by, drive by, it's closed. I've been in west Sac two years and it seems closed more often than opened? I'm just wondering if theres a reason for this madness ;-)

We are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 7:30 PM but at the moment we are on holiday break. We will return on January 14th. I am sorry for the inconvenience

Is it cash only


I see you are still closed for winter break. When will you open again? Thank you😊❤

Best burger place in the state of California as far as I am concerned! :-)

Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes and there is a $0.60 charge for debit or credit.

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